A Baby Shower For Grandma

A Baby Shower For Grandma

A grandma baby shower lets the grandmother-to-be share in the baby excitement.

By the YeahBaby.com editorial staff

A Baby Shower For Grandma

A grandma baby shower is perfect for her first grandchild.

Shower invitations with a "Grandmother's House" theme will be a fitting way to inform your guests. Your invites can be made in the shape of a house. Or view the YeahBaby list of baby shower invitation ideas.

Baby shower themes are typically not used for a grandma baby shower, as the shower is themed around grandma herself. But if using a theme, we suggest the Little Red Riding Hood theme since Grandma's house is the girl's destination.

Decorations will include tables adorned with pacifiers, diapers, blankets, blocks and cute toys. Grandma can use these decorations once her grandchild arrives! Finish off your decor with these baby shower decoration ideas.

Play the 'Forgetful Grandma' game which has guests finishing some favorite old-time expressions. Gather a list of popular old-time sayings. Some should be easy, like, "You scratch my (what body part?) and I'll scratch yours." (answer: back) and some should be a bit more difficult, like, "Grandma will paint the town (what color?) when the new baby arrives?" (answer: red) Guests will help complete the sayings.

Your menu can feature baked goods and oven-baked delights such as cookies, pies, cakes and similar fare. Finger sandwiches and cold salads will complete your menu.

Party favors can include a dozen baked cookies or other grandma-inspired delicacy.

And why should grandmas have all the fun? Consider including grandpa as part of the event!

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