Baby bottle drinks

Baby bottle drinks

Channel your inner infant and serve drinks in these fun bottles

By the editorial staff

Baby bottle drinks

The baby shower idea:
Serve your baby shower drinks in baby bottles. This idea works well for punch, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Best of all, it fits with any baby shower theme. After the party's done, the bottles can be given to the mother-to-be.

Purchase one baby bottle for every guest in attendance. Cut off the top of the nipple, pour in your drink, and stick in a straw. If serving punch, bypass the punch bowl and pour into the bottles prior to the occasion. You're ready to party!

Since baby bottles come in many colors, match the bottle with the shower's color scheme. Showers serving stronger alcoholic drinks might consider a baby bottle for infants, the smaller version the typical bottle. thoughts:
This idea is a great match for our chug-a-lug and hot bottle games.

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