Crazy diaper changing game

Crazy diaper changing game

Changing diapers is easy, unless you change them with these crazy rules!

By the editorial staff

Crazy diaper changing game

This game is traditionally played when individual guests change a baby doll's diaper. YeahBaby creates a new take on this classic game.

Playing the game: Guests are paired up into groups of two. The left hand of one guest must work with the right hand of another to change diapers. The first two-person team to complete the diaper changing wins!

Have each guest put one hand behind their back (or tie their hands together) and time them as they change baby's diaper.

You'll need similar-sized baby dolls and a diapers for as many teams that are playing.

Depending on the crowd, this game can also be played with an 'adult' baby - a willing guest or dad-to-be!

Suggested prizes:
Your winning guests have just mastered putting on undergarments. So award them with a gift certificate to Victoria's Secret. thoughts:
The 'crazy diaper changing game' is perfect for a couples baby shower. Each couple can compete as a team.

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