Coffee, tea, and cocoa as a shower favor

Coffee, tea, and cocoa as a shower favor

Everyone is jonesing for java these days. Give them this bean-inspired shower favor.

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Coffee, tea, and cocoa as a shower favor

Drinking coffee and tea has become daily routine for most Americans. offers some great gift ideas for caffeine aficionados.

The baby shower favor:
There are endless ways to give the gift of energy through coffee and tea. Checking out local coffee shops will reveal assortments of mugs, fresh coffee blends and accessories. This is a good, fast option for shower attendee gifts.

To add your own edge to the gift, start with your own container (mugs, baskets or tin containers work well.) Next, add small bags of coffee beans, or tea blends if you prefer. From there, add chocolate and sweets, honey sticks and flavored syrups. To really personalize it baby shower style, add an engraved spoon with details about your little bundle of joy.

Accompanying message or poem:
All this caffeine,
really fills my cup.
I'll need it bad,
just to stay up!
- the baby's name thoughts:
We get energized just thinking about the baby shower favor!

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