Baby diaper decorations

Baby diaper decorations

Create baby diaper decorations for your baby shower. Note: no real diapers needed!

By the editorial staff

Baby diaper decorations

Incorporate this baby shower diaper decoration idea before new parents get overwhelmed with real diapers!

The baby shower idea:
Faux-diapers are made out from white felt. This decorating idea is a great alternative to decorating with real diapers.

You'll need several pieces of white felt and small diaper pins. Cut the felt into 3-inch squares. Fold this piece into a diaper shape, and attach sides with diaper pins. If diaper pins are not available, simply use small safety pins. Place these diaper decorations on your serving table and around your party area.

Use white napkins or cloth diapers instead of white felt. The cloth diapers could be given to mom thoughts:
Creating cool baby diaper decoration can boost your shower to baby-chic status!

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