Baby shower duck cake

Baby shower duck cake

For baby shower cakes, the duck beats out all other birds, hands-down!

By the editorial staff

Baby shower duck cake

The baby shower cake:
Cute rubber duckies are synonymous with cute little babies. For this reason, this cake is a natural favorite for a baby shower.

Decorating the cake:
Make a double batch of our basic white cake frosting. Reserve 1/3 of the frosting and add one or two drops of blue food coloring to make a pale blue frosting.
Make two 9-inch cakes. Place cakes in freezer for 2 hours for easier frosting. Place cakes on decorating board, frosting between the layers. Frost the top of the cake with light blue frosting. Frost the sides of the cake in white. When frosted, pipe white frosting 'bubbles' onto the cake's surface. Pipe a white frosting edge at the bottom of the cake. Place a rubber duck on top of the cake.

Yellow duck 'feathers' can be created by dying flake sweetened coconut with yellow food coloring.

Pairs well with: thoughts:
For party favors, give guests rubber duckies or other bathtime treats.

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